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    Ek nirdayi qaatil ki haiwaaniyat, jisse sharmsaar huyi thi insaaniyat."Tandoor"
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    1. naga malleswararao

      The music is so good...

    2. Ayush Gaud

      Kab ayegi be... Soon

      1. harsh Kumar


    3. John Pandey

      I thinks this series has been banned from ullu

      1. harsh Kumar

        Lol it is releasing in July on ullu & MX

    4. Music original status

      Sabse phle y wali Release kro

    5. Music original status

      Wait kr rh Hai jldi se release kro

    6. Rabiul Sani

      Keep streaming guys

      1. Rabiul Sani

        @naga malleswararao ha so bhi stream Karo share Karo plz

      2. naga malleswararao

        Ha sahi bhai pls tell them to stream this teaser it should reach 1m views so that it gets hype...

    7. Rabiul Sani

      Yaar ye tandoor kab release hog?

      1. harsh Kumar


    8. Rabiul Sani

      Excited for tandoor

    9. 🅰🅽🆂🅷🆄_🅶

      Hello.. 8815414850


      Release Kab hoga humlog ke marne ke badh

      1. harsh Kumar


      2. naga malleswararao

        No at first all of u keep streaming this teaser and keep commenting guys

    11. Himachali Rajput

      Most Talented Actress Rashami Desai

    12. Satyendra Kumar

      Ise release kijiye....

    13. naga malleswararao

      Keep streaming guys ....

    14. John Pandey

      Plz uplode this fast

    15. Dolly

      Nice one ♥️

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    26. Naga Lakshmi

      Can't wait

    27. Samikchhya Baral

      Cannot wait for trailer release 😍

    28. Ayesha Waheed

      Ravishing Rashami 🔥

    29. seema sihag

      Amazing trailer..

    30. Ranjita Rai


    31. Naga Lakshmi

      Rashami Desai

    32. Naga Lakshmi

      Rashami Desai

    33. Naga Lakshmi

      RASHAMI Desai

    34. Naga Lakshmi

      Rashami Desai

    35. Maisa Tarannum Srizee


    36. Ajjwwad

      Goosebumps for real

    37. Simran Pandey

      Guys we need to complete 500k soon Keep streaming

    38. Samuel Nanda

      Tandoor Kand

    39. Madhuri Chauhan

      very interesting.

    40. Madhuri Chauhan

      OOHHOO Lute gaye..

    41. Madhuri Chauhan

      Nice Rashami Dance..

    42. Madhuri Chauhan

      keep it up.. so cool

    43. Madhuri Chauhan

      very excited...

    44. Madhuri Chauhan

      keep it up..

    45. Madhuri Chauhan

      Nice video.

    46. Aditya Bansode


    47. Aditya Bansode


    48. Aditya Bansode


    49. Aditya Bansode


    50. Aditya Bansode

      So exited for tandoor 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    51. Online

      Is it based on true story ???? I remeber in delhi there was guy killed his wife on doubt of her affair with muslim guy so he killed her and burnt in tandoor

      1. harsh Kumar

        Yes wahi hai

    52. Kajal Singh

      Wait nahi ho raha hai

      1. Funny Memes

        I want to c Rashami b:::bs In this webseries

    53. Neha Neha

      I like suspense thriller movies web. Can't wait

    54. Funny Memes

      Aisi ladki

      1. Funny Memes

        @naga malleswararao wtf are u to tell me

      2. naga malleswararao

        Hey if u dont like her then dont see her videos and dont spread negativity .. Pls

    55. madhu Negi

      Glad to see u same interesting story

    56. agedaghori

      Sometimes an event puts an end on your thoughts. The horrors and the exteremity of human psyche. The animal instinct. Hats off to both Ullu and whole cast and crew.

    57. Anita Tamang


    58. Anita Tamang

      Wow so

    59. Ravish Chhoker

      Rashmei.desai k sexy scene h kya isme

      1. harsh Kumar

        @Funny Memes smartphone release during lockdown ok they got more profit because of the content

      2. Funny Memes

        @harsh Kumar that was the time when ullu was started new now they make more profit from sexy webseries not these flop movies

      3. harsh Kumar

        @Funny Memes lol smart phone was trending on ullu app without any bold scenes, it also got nominated in Filmfare ott n this one is also releasing on mx player too so ppl will watch it for sure

      4. Funny Memes

        @harsh Kumar then its flop Ullu only works in sexy scenes Their other webseries are flop and get less views

      5. harsh Kumar


    60. Tanu Bajpai

      Suspense can't wait to see rashami as palak

    61. Tanu Bajpai


    62. Tanu Bajpai

      Superb rashamidesai

    63. Tanu Bajpai

      Woow rashamidesai❤

    64. Team RD

      Can't wait to see Rashami alive on screen as Palak😍

    65. NP satyam

      Eagerly waiting to see rashami in screen

    66. Dhani Sani

      Rashami Desai 😊 best

    67. Team RD

      This crime thriller is based on the infamous 1995 tandoor case. This is gonna be really exciting

    68. Team RD

      Waiting for the songs too

    69. Team RD

      I love how story is given the centre stage here

    70. Team RD

      Tandoor will be coming out this holi

    71. Team RD

      I had goosebumps while watching the teaser

    72. Team RD

      This teaser is haunting, thrilling and terrifying

    73. Team RD

      Rashami can literally nail any kind of role

    74. Team RD

      Queen of versatility Rashami Desai💖

    75. Team RD

      This one will be a colossal hit

    76. Team RD

      Me waiting for the trailer. Release is already

    77. Team RD

      Can't wait to see Rashami Desai's official look

    78. Team RD

      Teaser is captivating, all the best Rashami, Tanuj and Nivedita

    79. Team RD

      Bgm perfectly suits the entire mood of the teaser

    80. Team RD

      This web series can be a game changer

    81. Team RD

      This promo sends chills down my spine

    82. Team RD

      I love how Rashami is experimenting with different mediums and genres now. All the best for Tandoor

    83. Witty Girl

      Can't wait for rashami look

    84. Witty Girl

      Please upload trailor soon

    85. subhashree Jena

      Rashami is love

    86. Gracious Rashami

      Wishing you all the best team

    87. Gracious Rashami


    88. Gracious Rashami


    89. Gracious Rashami

      Winning hearts

    90. Gracious Rashami


    91. Gracious Rashami


    92. Gracious Rashami


    93. Gracious Rashami

      Very happy for you all

    94. Gracious Rashami


    95. Gracious Rashami


    96. Gracious Rashami


    97. Gracious Rashami


    98. Gracious Rashami


    99. Gracious Rashami


    100. Gracious Rashami